Our Story


Est. 2020. by twin brothers, [ Rob (left) and Chris (right) ], Japanese culture, and animanga enthusiasts. Our goal is to bridge the gap between streetwear and the otaku world, and share that passion with fashion enthusiasts, and the animanga world and beyond.

The focus of Oyasumi revolves around a scenario we — as twins — are all too familiar with, partnership and collaborative companionship. We are true advocates for collaboration and community. Because without community, we are nothing, and we can all learn and evolve from the wealth of knowledge each one of us possess.

This brand was truly born from passion, and grown through community love, and awareness. Each product is designed in-house, produced by a sustainable, small business (like our own), and individually hand-packed and shipped by our small team, bringing you a high-quality product, that is undoubtedly made with love by all parties involved. 

So, thank you. Thank you SO MUCH for choosing Oyasumi. We are forever grateful for the love and support in our growth, and if you are new to the brand, we hope you jump on our floating cloud and drift through our evolving land of passion, creativity, and positivity. 

With Love,

Oyasumi  ❤️